Skit Night


Sign up at IATC anytime on Sunday with Sensei Shawn "Smack" McElroy. As always, Master Burns and Master Ponzio will be our illustrious hosts.

Each dojo gets to do one skit until all dojos have had a chance, then we start second skits.

Skits will most likely run from 7:30PM to 9:30PM, though times are subject to change. We have a party to get to, so we may extend skit night if the skits are good, but 10PM is the absolute latest skit night will run.

We plan on showing videos and photos from Cuong Nhu history before we start skit night.

Master Burns warns: "No lame skits." He is serious this year. None of his jokes have ever bombed in the past, and he expects the same from you. :)

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